Sunday, February 14, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Team USA Womens Hockey Win Big

Team Canada won their first game in Women's Ice Hockey 18-0 and Team USA apparently was watching the games for tips. Team USA trouced Team China today 12-1 in another Women's Hockey blowout which puts the sport in an ugly situation.

Technically, if there is not much competition between the teams the sport itself can be pulled from the lineup such as Softball was from the Summer Games. Hopefully, that will not be the case as the sport is still growing around the world for women.

The United States beat No. 7 seed China 12-1 Sunday. The Americans pretty much could have named their score — the U.S. started its backup goaltender, then lifted her midway through the third period for the third-teamer.

It was a mismatch similar to Canada's 18-0 win over Slovakia on Saturday night, and more evidence that this is going to be just a three- or four-team tournament, if that.

Even some U.S. players acknowledged afterward that the sport could be in danger of being removed from the Olympics if it doesn't get more competitive, as happened with softball in the Summer Games.

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