Sunday, February 14, 2010

PostHeaderIcon 18-0, Canada: Record blowout opens women's hockey

If there are any doubts about Team Canada's Women's Hockey team having jitters about the Winter Olympics we can put that to rest. The near sellout crowd cheered on their home team against Slovakia as Canada set a record blowout win with an 18-0 victory.

VANCOUVER — The near-capacity crowd at Canada Hockey Place on Saturday night didn't come to see a competitive game between the Canadian women's hockey team and first-time participant Slovakia.

It came for a party.

If there's one competition the Canadians want to dominate most during the Vancouver Games, it's hockey. This is Canada's national pastime, and for the first time in more than two decades, the Canadians are on home ice.

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I watched part of the Canada-Slovakia game last night, but only six minutes of it. It was obvious Canada was going to win in a rout. I can't believe Canada scored 18 goals though! 18-0 is a ridiculous score for a hockey game. The commentators mentioned Slovakia won a game 82-0 against Bulgaria. That's flat out insane!

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