Sunday, February 14, 2010

PostHeaderIcon O Canada! First Gold For Host Country

Canada has never won a Gold Medal while hosting the Olympics which has led to a lot of pressure to the Canadian athletes in the Games. Thankfully, the pressure is off as Alexandre Bilodeau stepped up to end the drought and win the Gold for his fantastic performance in the moguls.

Pitted against former Canadian Dale Begg-Smith, a Vancouver native who now competes for Australia, Bilodeau had to give the run of his life. But even after the runs of Bilodeau and Begg-Smith there was one more athlete to go.

Guilbaut Colas of France skied last and scored the fastest time but due to technical errors was only placed at 6th. That opened the door for Bilodeau to take home the Gold Medal.

WEST VANCOUVER, British Columbia — O Canada!

They will sing it loud and proud, thanks to the unlikely upset pulled by Alexandre Bilodeau, who won the men's moguls Sunday night to become the first Canadian to win Olympic gold inside the country's borders.

Showing all the speed and daring a skier needs to make some history, Bilodeau blazed through the slushy moguls, tore down the course in 23.17 seconds and posted a score of 26.75. That was .17 points better than defending champion Dale Begg-Smith, a Vancouver native who now competes for Australia.

Bryon Wilson of the United States finished third. When the final skier, Guilbaut Colas of France, had his sixth-place score flashed on the board, the Canadian crowd went crazy.

"I don't think I really realize it," Bilodeau said. "It's too good to be true."

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