Sunday, February 14, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Team USA Wins First Medal in Nordic Combined

Team France skier Jason Lamy Chappuis, the World Cup leader, surged past Team USA's Johnny Spillane to keep the US from winning their first ever medal in the Nordic Combined.

Spillane was knocked down to Silver but the ability for an American to win a medal in the sport dominated by Europeans is good news back home.

Chappuis, incidentally, was born in America but moved to France as a child.

Lodwick and Spillane, second and fourth after the ski jump, took control of a pack of seven skiers that remained clear of the field until they were joined by surging American Billy Demong as the race headed to the last of four 2.5-kilometer laps.

Japan's Norihito Kobayashi attempted to break away in the middle of the last lap. Spillane quickly reeled him in and left him behind, easing into the stadium alone. But Lamy Chappuis, Italian youngster Alessandro Pittin and Lodwick were soon on his heels.

Spillane said he was wiped out near the end and even worried he wouldn't make the finish line.

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