Sunday, February 14, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Stephen Colbert Reveals Official Olympic Poster

Stephen Colbert has helped support the U.S. speedskating team by becoming a sponsor in his own goofy way with his Skate Expectations.

Stephen also revealed last night on his show, The Colbert Report, his new official poster for the Olympics.

The poster is over the top and awesome, just like Stephen. The poster shows Stephen riding an eagle while holding the Olympic torch. And Stephen would like you to spread the fun by printing out your own version of the poster or even changing your Twitter and Facebook icons to Stephen's face.

Colbert unveiled the poster on Thursday's show while discussing the history of art in sports. The poster was designed by Shepherd Fairey, the same artist who made the iconic "Hope" poster for the Obama presidential campaign.

Colbert touted the poster's strengths:

"Flames, a heroic person, a low angle so it sort of thins out my face," Colbert said. A Twitter icon is also available for use throughout the Olympics.


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