Sunday, February 14, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Skier Hannah Kearney Wins First Gold for U.S.

Hannah Kearney [photo source]

U.S. skier Hannah Kearney scored the Gold Medal and upset favorite Canadian Jenn Heil. Canada has never won a Gold Medal while hosting the Olympics and that streak is alive for another day.

U.S. skier Shannon Bahrke took the bronze medal as Heil was pushed into the Silver after Kearney took the top spot with the last run on the slushy slope.

The last skier down the course, Kearney posted the top scores in all three categories (14.2 in turns, 5.40 in air and 7.03 for time) for a final total of 26.63, nearly a full point ahead of silver medalist Jenn Heil of Canada, who had a 25.69.

The event also gave the United States its second multiple-medal performance of the evening as the bronze medal was won by Shannon Bahrke (Tahoe City, Calif.), who had a score of 25.43. Bahrke was the silver medalist in the event in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games.


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