Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Olympic Updates : Early Curling Results

Norway's Curling Pants [source & great article on curling]

The first day of the popular Curling events are underway and here are a few of the scores that have already occurred. The men played one round this afternoon and will go again this evening around 10PM EST.

Team USA played tough against Germany but in the end could not hold them off. Germany won 7-5 with skipper Andy Kapp while host Canada edged out Norway 7-6.

The Women's Curling events are currently underway. If you are in the U.S. you can watch all the curling matches online at NBC Olympics or most will be broadcast on the USA Network or CNBC.

Also of note, the Norweigan Curling team is sporting the craziest pants I have ever seen in the Olympics.

USA 5 – 7 GER Details » Watch Replay
GBR 4 – 6 SWE Details »
SUI 6 – 5 DEN Details »
NOR 6 – 7 CAN Details »


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