Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Curling Gets Ready To Rock

One of the most popular and trendy sports in the Winter Olympics over the last few Games has been Curling. The odd sport seems to be shuffleboard on ice but as audiences warmed up to the game they found it quite addictive.

Tuesday starts the Curling event from Vancouver. NBC will broadcast all the games either online or live TV. The men's and women's will be split up between the USA Network [9am PST] and CNBC [2pm PST]. Unlike the Alpine Skiing, Curling will be broadcast online as well.

Even The Simpsons getting into the act. This weekends episode feature Marge and Homer making the Team USA Curling squad [thought they had higher standards :) ] and heading to Vancouver to beat up the Swedes in a funny episode which is embedded below. Sorry, it's only available for a few weeks and sadly in the US only.

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