Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Lindsey Jacobellis Falls Again

Lindsey Jacobellis of Team USA made a name for herself in the 2006 Olympics for leading in a race and losing after she began showing off and fell.

She did finish with a Silver Medal but has since been known for that selfish act.

This time there will be no medal. Jacobellis was disqualified after she wobbled and fell into a gate.

The Gold Medal went to Canada's Maelle Ricker and the Silver Medal to Deborah Anthonioz of France in the final. Olivia Nobs of Switzerland won the bronze.

Lindsey Jacobellis 2006 Olympic Fail

Even in Canada, where they were celebrating their second gold medal of the Olympics, very few thought the story would end this way. Not so surprising that Ricker won, but shocking that she didn't have to beat her main rival with the gold on the line.

Nobody in Canada was complaining, of course. Ricker is the top-ranked rider in the world this year, who had her own making up to do because of that 2006 Olympic final.

Long before Jacobellis hot-dogged a jump, fell and blew her huge lead, Ricker lost her balance and went flying off the course and into the netting. She had to be taken off the course on a stretcher with a concussion. Four years later, she says she doesn't remember much from that day but felt like there was some unfinished business to take care of.

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