Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Germany's Neuner Wins Women's Biathlon Pursuit

Germany's Magdalena Neuner [left, source Getty] won the Gold Medal in the Women's Biathlon Pursuit held today.

Taking the Silver Medal was Anastazia Kuzmina of Slovakia and the Bronze Medal went to Marie-Laure Brunet of France.

Magdalena Neuner won her second medal of the Games and her first gold today, taking biathlon's 10-kilometer pursuit. She won by 12.3 seconds over Anastazia Kuzmina of Slovakia. Ms. Neuner, the fastest skier on the biathlon circuit but an inconsistent shot, settled her nerves and nailed most of her targets. The victory sets Ms. Neuner up for major stardom in Germany, where she is already one of the country's most popular athletes and is known as the "biathlon beauty.

"She makes us so proud," said Teresa Mueller of Mainz, near Frankfurt. "You feel so excited and happy as you see her coming down to the end.

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