Monday, February 15, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Team France Wins Biatholon

It was a brutal day in the 10K biathlon sprint as athletes had to battle a rough wave of weather. In the end it was Team France with the Gold. Team USA's Tim Burke [photo below, source] finished 47th.

The bad weather kicked in as the middle round of athelets began their course. This hamper their ability to compete well and the top 3 winners were all starters in the first portion.

The winners in Sunday's 10K biathlon sprint were France's Vincent Jay and Mother Nature, each of whom demonstrated a mastery over Whistler Olympic Park.

American favorite Tim Burke didn't mince words about the race.

"That was by far the most unfair race I've ever been a part of," Burke said after finishing 47th in a race in which he harbored legitimate medal hopes. "The people starting in the middle of the pack had no chance today, and unfortunately, I was one of those."

He wasn't complaining. Just summing up a race that started under grey skies, changed to rain, evolved to heavy snow and ended under an ironic blue sky.

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