Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Olympic men's hockey: Canada stomps Russia 7-3

Team Canada has temporarily relieved it's citizens of doubt after their lost to Team USA by slapping the strong Russian team 7-3 in semifinal play.

The game started off fast and didn't let up until the 3rd period. All ten goals were scored in the first 2 periods. Russia pulled their goalie a few minutes into the 2nd period but by then the game was getting out of hand.

People were crowed around television sets in every coffee shop, restaurant and bar in Vancouver, watching the Canada-Russia hockey game, as the city ground to a virtual halt.

At the Waterfront SkyTrain Station, people stopped in their tracks watching the game, erupting in cheers whenever a goal was scored.

And score they did.

It took barely two minutes for Canada to stamp its authority on the men's 2010 Winter Olympic hockey quarter-finals as Dan Boyle tip-toed through Russia's defense to set up an easy tap in for Ryan Getzlaf It would be the first of ten goals scored in a feeding frenzy of a game in which the red-and-whites never looked threatened, but the Russians never stopped trying. (....continue reading...)


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