Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PostHeaderIcon NBC Finally Gets It: Will Show Fridays US Hockey Game Live. Everywhere

If nothing else, better late than never.

NBC has angered fans of the Olympics across the United States by refusing to show events live. Then there's the whole idea to do an extra West Coast delay for those lucky people in the SAME timezone of the Olympics.

That means events that go on from 9 am to noon at the Olympics could not be watched in Seattle, only a few hours away, until 8 pm local time.

Then there's the whole USA hockey game fiasco. Needless to say, NBC is taking a drumming in the press for their archaic tape delay methods. Thankfully, there's a bright spot. NBC will NOT tape delay then time delay the USA hockey game. Finally!

NEW YORK (AP) — After once again annoying Olympic hockey fans, NBC has promised to broadcast the U.S. men's team's next game live in all time zones.

The network aired the Americans' 2-0 victory over Switzerland on Wednesday live in the Eastern and Central time zones. It was on a one-hour tape delay in the Mountain time zone and two-hour delay for the West Coast. It wasn't immediately clear why the network didn't show the game live across the United States. NBC streamed it live everywhere on its Olympics Web site.

The United States will play the winner of the Czech Republic-Finland game on Friday in a semifinal at the Vancouver Games. (....continue reading....)


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