Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Lindsey Jacobellis of Team USA has fallen twice now in the Winter Olympics resulting in a sure Gold Medal turning in Silver in 2006 and no medals in 2010.

Jacobellis stumbled during the Snowboard Cross event Tuesday and missed a gate resulting in her disqualification. Here's the replay video of the event.

Lindsey Jacobellis Olympic
VANCOUVER - Lindsey Jacobellis would like the world to remember her for a stellar career in snowboarding rather than two unfortunate interactions with gravity.

Alas, this is a bit like Bill Buckner wanting to be remembered for making the National League all-star team in 1981 instead of that one ground ball through his wicket in the 1986 World Series.

Jacobellis wrote the shorthand on her career at the 2006 Olympics in Turin. With a comfortable lead in the snowboard-cross final, Jacobellis decided to show off a bit in the spirit of her carefree sport. Coming off the next-to-last jump, she reached down to touch her board.

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