Friday, February 19, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Japan's Kasai tops qualifiers for large hill ski jump

Ski Jumping qualifications have begun and it is Japan's Noriaki Kasai with the top score at the end of the day. The big news of the day was when Swiss triple Olympic champion ski jumper Simon Ammann had his bindings questions by Austrian officials. The Austrian's claimed the bindings were not within regulation and gave an unfair advantage to Ammann. After inspections the bindings were ruled legal.

Japan's Noriaki Kasai had the top score in the qualifications for the large hill ski jumping event at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Kasai posted a score of 143.5 to edge countrymate Daiki Ito, who finished at 142.6. A three-way tie for third at 138.0 featured Finland's Matti Hautamaeki, the Czech Republic's Antonin Hajek and Germany's Andreas Wank.

The top 10 in the World Cup standings were already prequalified for Saturday's competition, a group that includes normal hill gold medal winner Simon Ammann of Switzerland. Ammann will try to become the first man to win four individual gold medals in ski jumping, having captured double-gold at the 2002 Salt Lake Games.


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