Saturday, February 20, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Dutch speedskater Tuitert stuns Davis for Gold

U.S. Speed Skater Shani Davis lost his attempt for a 2nd Gold at the Vancouver Winter Games in the 1,500 meter event when he matched his 2006 effort with a Silver Medal. Davis appeared to run out of gas during the final lap but it was still good enough for second place.

Team Holland won their second Speed Skating Gold as Mark Tuitert took the Gold.
Veteran speedskater Mark Tuitert of the Netherlands was an upset winner over Shani Davis in the men's 1,500 at the Richmond Oval on Saturday with former world-record holder Denny Morrison of Canada again suffering disappointment at the Vancouver Games.

Davis, skating in the final pairing with Canadian Lucas Makowsky, could not match Tuitert's time of one minute 45.57 seconds. The American crossed in 1:46.10 for silver.

Havard Bokko won the first of what some believe will be multiple Olympic medals in his career, taking bronze in what was a blistering pairing with Tuitert. (...continue reading...)


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