Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Another Team Canada Rout in Womens Hockey

Women's Ice Hockey continues to demonstrate its wide gap between its talented teams and unskilled teams. Critics are complaining that the one-sided wins by powerhouses of Team Canada and Team USA are bad for the sport and may result in the event being pulled from the Olympics.

Team Canada faced off again tonight against Switzerland and the result was another huge win with a 10-1 victory.

Although Canada's second win in the Olympic women's hockey tournament wasn't a Slovakia-sized rout, it also was never in doubt.

Meghan Agosta scored two goals, Hayley Wickenheiser added her first of the Olympics and Canada steamrolled another overmatched opponent, beating Switzerland 10-1 Monday.

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Let's just have the Olympic women's ice hockey event be a series of games between Canada and the United States. Make it a best-of-5 or a best-of-7. Don't award a bronze medal. It's obvious already that these are the two dominant teams.

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