Monday, February 15, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Team USA's Wescott Wins Gold in Snowboard Cross

Team USA's Seth Wescott remains the Snowboard Cross champion after winning the Gold Medal in Vancouver. This is the second Olympics that Wescott has won the event and only the 2nd Games the event has been offered.
Team Canada's Mike Robertson ended up with the Silver Medal after leading for a portion of the event. French rookie Tony Ramoin, 21, won the Bronze Medal.

American Wescott, 33, looked well off the pace before producing a burst of speed to pip Canadian Mike Robertson in a tense battle for the finish line.

French rookie Tony Ramoin, 21, held on for bronze after American Nate Holland, who was battling with Robertson at the front, lost his balance to fall away.

Wescott held his nerve to secure a second gold for the Unites States.

The trials didn't go so well. I knew I would be fighting from the bad gate. I was in fourth. Nate (Holland) went down, I reeled in Tony, drove his inside. Mike braked, and I went in," said Wescott.

Despite struggling to qualify, being seeded 17th out of the 32 riders, Wescott's status as pre-race favourite was strengthened when French World Cup leader Pierre Vaultier went out in the quarter-final after being impeded when Drew Neilsen crashed in front of him.

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