Thursday, February 18, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Shaun White's gold-medal secret? Kayaking

For all you fans of the Flying Tomato here's a great article from ESPN about how 2-time Gold Medal Snowboarder Shaun White gets ready for the Olympic Games....

[article via ESPN, photo source]

WEST VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Less than 24 hours before Shaun White was scheduled to compete in the Olympic halfpipe finals, while his teammates and competitors were finalizing their runs and polishing their tricks at Tuesday evening's practice session, White went kayaking.

"This was unlike any season I've had," White said Wednesday night, shortly after becoming the first snowboarder to repeat as a gold medalist in the halfpipe. "I fell a lot, I lost sleep. I don't think I've ever been this nervous for a contest or this inside my own head."

So, instead of logging a few more hours practicing a run he already knew he could land, White and nine of his friends, including U.S. snowboarding coach Bud Keene, rented sea kayaks at Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. Instead of worrying over his run, White and his friends spent the evening before the biggest contest of his life not talking and not thinking about snowboarding. (....continue reading....)


ryanbiddulph said...

He does things differently. That's what makes him the best.

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