Thursday, February 18, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Review: Live Video Lacking at NBC Olympics Site

NBC has come under fire with it's Olympic coverage for the lack if live coverage even though the Games are being held very close to home. The archaic way to broadcast events like the Olympics before the days of cable and Internet was to tape delay and show in primtime.

Most people had no way to get the news until then or wait until the next day and read the newspaper. Now such methods are making people frustrated as NBC not only keeps live events for popular sports like skiing off the air and Internet but is doing a time delay for the West Coast. So someone in Washington state would have to wait until 8 pm to watch events that happened at 9 am and hope that they don't get spoiled by radio, Internet, or other media source.

NEW YORK (AP) -- One way to describe NBC's online Olympics efforts is two steps forward, one step back -- at least when it comes to live video.

Although NBC is showing more live events on the Internet than it had during any other Winter Games, the broadcaster is holding back much more for television compared with the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Unless you're a big fan of curling or ice hockey, or enjoy watching replays or highlights, you're bound to be unsatisfied with the video you'd find online.

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