Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Olympics Use New Zamboni To Resurface Speedskating oval

The weather in Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympics has been brutal with a mix of snow, rain. and sleet that has rescheduled or postponed the skiing events several times.

But the surfaces indoors are having trouble as well. The Speed Skating oval has had a hard time holding its Olympic surface. Zambonis were called in several times during the events to resurface the ice. One time leading to a long delay after the surface became uneven.

Vancouver has called in new Zamboni machines to help the problem.
RICHMOND, B.C. — Some of the tensest moments at speedskating Tuesday came when there were no competitors on the ice.

That's because it was time to clean the ice and, after events of the two previous days, there was no guarantee the resurfacing machines wouldn't suffer yet another time-consuming breakdown.

The malfunctions that delayed the women's 3,000 meters Sunday and which threatened to postpone the men's 500 Monday were unprecedented at Olympic speedskating

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