Friday, February 19, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Olympic Updates Curling: American men lose another heartbreaker

Team USA lost another heart breaker in Curling today when skipper John Shuster once again failed to make the winning shot. The team is 0-4 and for 3 matches Shuster had the winning shot and each time failed. One time he undershot, one time he overshot, and today against Denmark he ended up knocking the Danish stone into the win.

For Team USA to have any chance to advance they will need to win the rest of their matches.
VANCOUVER (AP) -- John Shuster apologized for his inconsistent shot-making, a performance that has all but doomed the winless American men curlers in the Olympics.

"I've let my teammates and USA Curling down," said Shuster, the usually dependable U.S. skip.

The Americans lost to Denmark 7-6 Thursday in yet another extra end. They are 0-4 and will need to win their remaining five matches in the round-robin schedule to stand any chance of reaching the semifinals.

"It hurts right now," U.S. lead John Benton said. "We're definitely on the way, way outside. Something magical would have to happen for us to make the medal round."

Added U.S. second Jeff Isaacson: "I would say a miracle." (...continue reading...)


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