Friday, February 12, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Lindsey Vonns Leg Injury a Huge Question Mark

Lindsey Vonn [source]

Despite a weather delay, the fate of U.S. Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn remains in doubt. There are high hopes for Vonn to take home multiple Gold Medals at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games but that is all dependent on her ability to even take to the gate.

[ USA Today ] WHISTLER — Lindsey Vonn, the star of the U.S. ski team, is in crisis again at the Olympics. This time, though, her team within a team, the so-called Vonntourage, is ready to roll.

From the time Vonn suffered an excruciatingly painful deep tissue bruise on her right shin in a slalom training crash Feb. 2 in Austria, her team of physical and emotional supporters worked around the clock to try to salvage medal opportunities for Vonn, who has been marketed for months as a major star of the Vancouver Games.

"It was instant crisis," says Thomas Vonn, her husband, manager and unofficial coach. "When she got hurt, everything changed."


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