Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Canada's curlers perfect behind Martin

Team Canada's men's curling team has done what their hockey team has not. They've gone undefeated in tournament play.

The curling events have been a big hit in Vancouver as one of the best teams to hit the ice, both men's and women's, has been Team Canada.

Behind the leadership of a skipper they call the "Michael Jordan of Curling," Kevin Martin [picture left with women's skip Cheryl Bernard, source] and Team Canada easily defeated a desperate Team USA today to advance to the semifinals with the top spot.

On the other end Team USA, who won Bronze in 2006, goes home looking confused and intimidated on the World stage. The women did not fare much better with both teams only getting 2 wins each.

With the top spot clinched, a spotless record, and a seat in the semifinals, Kevin Martin and company found the motivation to defeat a struggling and desperate U.S. rink 7-2 Monday at the Vancouver Olympic Centre.

Martin, John Morris, Ben Hebert and Marc Kennedy clinched their eighth straight victory after stealing a point from the U.S. in both the sixth and seventh ends.

The feisty Americans, who shuffled the deck prior to the match by replacing skip John Shuster with teammate Jason Smith, pressured the undefeated Canadian rink in the early going of the morning matchup. (....continue reading....)


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