Thursday, February 18, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Bright wins snowboard gold for Australia

Torah Bright waves to the
crowd after her qualifying run today.
Photo: Reuters

Olympic Women's Snowboarding
finished the halfpipe event tonight with Australia's Torah Bright holding onto the top spot to take home the Gold Medal. Team USA was able to grab Silver and Bronze but there is a little bit of disappointment as stars Elena Height and Gretchen Blieler both had poor performances.

American Hannah Teter surrendered first place, but the U.S. still managed two Olympic medals in the women's halfpipe on Thursday.

Teter, who led after the first run in the finals, scored a high of 42.4, good for second place behind Australia's Torah Bright, with a 45.0

American Kelly Clark took the bronze with a score of 42.2.

U.S. hopes of sweeping the medals were dashed with poor performance by Elena Height and Gretchen Bleiler, who both fell on their two runs.

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