Sunday, February 14, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Biathlon Is Slovakias 1st Olympic Gold

Anastazia Kuzmina of Slovakia [photo source]

Congratulations to Anastazia Kuzmina of Slovakia for bringing home that country's first Olympic Winter Gold for the women's 7.5-kilometer biathlon sprint.

Swedish favorite Helena Jonsson failed to medal in the event as Germany's Magdalena Neuner took Silver and France's Marie Dorin took home the Bronze.

Kuzmina became the first Slovakian woman to win a gold medal at a Winter Olympics. She captured the 7.5-kilometer biathlon sprint on a course sprinkled with fertilizer to harden snow that had been pelted for days with rain and sleet at sloshy Whistler Olympic Park.

Neuner took the silver, 1.5 seconds behind Kuzmina, and Dorin won the bronze with a clean shoot that put her 10.9 seconds off Kuzmina's winning time of 19 minutes, 55.6 seconds.

Jonsson, who won the world title last year in the 7.5-kilometer sprint, finished in 12th.


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