Sunday, February 21, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Apolo Anton Ohno wins bronze for record 7th Olympic medal

It was a crazy night for speedskating as USA's Apolo Anton Ohno won a Bronze Medal in the 1,500 meter event. The other U.S. skater, J.R. Celski, was disqualified in the semi's after colliding with Canada's Fran├žois.

The result of that action pushed Fran├žois to the finals and that made 5 racers compete instead of the usual four. The crowded field did not help Ohno who almost fell midway through the event. He was able to gather himself and work back to third place and win his 7th Olympic medal, a new U.S. record.

VANCOUVER — In a sport that can send its champions sprawling across the ice in an instant, short-track speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno on Saturday earned a lasting legacy.

With a bronze in the 1,000 meters, Ohno became the USA's most decorated Olympian. Ohno, who has seven career medals, surpasses long-track speedskater Bonnie Blair, who has six.

Ohno also became the most decorated short-track speedskater from any nation.

Lee Jung-Su of South Korea, Saturday's winner in the 1,000, also won the 1,500 meters earlier this week. His countryman, Lee Ho-suk, won silver Saturday. (...continue reading....)

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Congratulations to Ohno on all of those medals! What an amazing accomplishment!

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