Saturday, March 29, 2008

PostHeaderIcon ViDeOnline partners with on Olympics ad rights

ViDeOnline Communications Ltd, a network company, declared yesterday that it was granted exclusive adverting rights by for the Olympic Games. will use VideOnline's 08 intelligent advertisement insertion network to deliver targeted online advertisements for the Chinese mainland and Macao SAR coverage via Live and VOD (Video On Demand) channels.

"In aggregate, there are over 1,800 matches over the 15 day period with almost 30 different kinds of competition. This represents over 15,000 advertisement impressions just in the live feeds, and the advertisements may last till the end of September," added Lu.

"Normally, we will have eight pieces of advertisement in one hour, and each piece will last 15 seconds," said Lu, "This is our rule, but we also strictly obey the rules by the International Olympic Committee on advertisements."

"The streaming of live broadcast of the Olympics events represents the first time ever that all events will be broadcasted live as well as viewed, video on demand over the Internet," said Lu.

ViDeOnline, a leader in secured video networks founded in China in 2004, focuses on a secured video network, supports broad based video distribution over the Internet through P2P with an overlay and insertion network, and completes with transaction tracking and content management. (...more)


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