Saturday, March 29, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Henderson secures seat for Olympics

New Zealand rider Greg Henderson finished fifth in the points race at the world track cycling championships in England today.

Henderson was prominent throughout the 40km, 160-lap race to finish only two points away from a medal in Manchester.

He was in third place for much of the middle part of the race.

Vasili Kiryienka, of Belarus, played a part in most of the sprints to claim the title with 24 points, one ahead of Frenchman Christophe Riblon, who won the final two sprints in a desperate attempt to lap the field.

Peter Schep, of the Netherlands, who won three sprints early on, was nearly dropped but recovered to finish third on 19 points, one ahead of Australian Cameron Meyer, with Henderson another point back in the tightly fought race. (...more)


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