Monday, November 19, 2007

PostHeaderIcon Australian doctors say China holding back pollution data ahead of Olympics

Chinese organizers have been reluctant to release the findings of air pollution tests conducted 12 months out from next year's Summer Games, medical advisers to Australia's Olympic team said Monday.

Chinese authorities took air quality readings at Beijing in August when a number of pollution-reduction measures were in place, including the removal of about 1.3 million of the city's 3 million cars from the road.

Australian sports officials have flagged Beijing's notorious smog as a major potential factor that could affect the performance of athletes at the 2008 Olympics.

Australian sports physician Dr. Ken Fitch questioned Chinese claims that the measures resulted in a 15-20 percent reduction in air pollution.

"I find it difficult to see that level in reduction in pollution as claimed," Fitch told an Olympic health and medical forum in Sydney on Monday.



Pages of many web site contains global warming pictures. But that pictures not give enough information of global warming. Global Warming myth is very deep ozone has doubled since the mid-19th century due to chemical emissions from vehicles, industrial processes and the burning of forests, the British climate researchers wrote.

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