Friday, November 23, 2007

PostHeaderIcon 2008 Beijing Olympics Update

hinese Olympic hurdler Liu Xiang's legs have been insured for US$13.3 million in the run-up to next year's Beijing Summer Olympics.

To him, though, the limbs are beyond valuation. "You can't really put a concrete figure on this," Liu was quoted as saying by the Beijing News newspaper. "They're priceless," Liu said.

Also, Beijing police announced on Thursday that the capital saw a 2.7 percent drop in the total number of criminal cases in the first 10 months of the year, and police were able to crack more cases than before.

China's capital has claimed a marked drop in crime so far this year, state media reported on Thursday, with police saying the fall sets a solid foundation for a safe Olympic Games.

Also, Australian national soccer team has pocketed a ticket to next year's Olympic Games in Beijing after drawing 1-1 with DPRK at an away match on Wednesday.


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